Waspwireless - E-Mail Updated 10/1/15
Mon, Sep 28th, 2015
Former Waspwireless customers wishing to retain their waspwireless.com E-maill accounts must call our office and provide us with your waspwireless.com E-mail address and password if you have not done so already.

On October 1'st we will migrate the accounts and stored E-mail from the old Waspwireless E-mail server to our server. Any account that we do not have information for will not be brought over. Once the old server is shut down there is a very high likelyhood that any account not moved will be lost.

*All accounts we were provided information for have been successfully moved.

If you use webmail to access your mail please use the link on the right.

If you are having trouble accessing your account after this migration please be aware that your pop/imap and smtp user settings must be your entire E-mail account ie <account>@waspwireless.com   If you need assistance updating your mail client or phone to reflect the new settings please contact our tec... 

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Welcome Wasp Wireless Customers!
Tue, Aug 4th, 2015
Let us welcome you to BPS Networks.

As you may just now be learning, BPS Networks will acquire Wasp Wireless on September 1st. BPS Networks will be sending a welcome letter to all Wasp Wireless Customers with additional information. In the mean time if you have any questions please E-Mail macustomer@bpsnetworks.com

Please periodically check this page to to stay up to date with new information as it becomes available. 

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Wasp Wireless Email Information
Mon, Aug 31st, 2015
On October 1'st BPS Networks will migrate E-Mail services from the Wasp Wireless hardware to BPS Networks hardware.

If you wish to retain your waspwireless.com address and saved E-Mail you must contact our office at 573-293-2638 and provide us with your current waspwireless.com email address and password.

Accounts that we do not have information for will not be transferred over. 

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Welcome to BPS Telephone & BPS Networks

High speed Wireless Internet from BPS Networks is a solution available to our customers outside of our BPS Telephone coverage area. Wireless internet offers the following advantages:

Speeds up to 20 times faster than dialup
Always on internet connection (no busy signals)
Installation starting at just $99*
Free Virus and spam scanning for your email
Business and residential accounts 

Nation Capital Tours
BPS Telephone Company is sponsoring an educational tour of the Nation's capital for an area student, May 30- June 3,... 
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Nation Capital Tours
BPS Telephone Company sponsored an educational tour of the Nation's capital for an area student, May 31- June 4, 2014. ... 
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